Welcome to Roads End Ranch! Nestled in northern Wabash County in southeastern Illinois at the end of a dirt road, Roads End Ranch is the perfect destination for your wedding or other event. We have beautiful acreage and our horse stable and area around it are the perfect venue for your gathering large or small. The quiet surroundings and beauty of outdoors contribute to making your gathering meaningful and memorable.


We offer a horse barn and four lots that surround it for weddings and receptions. We can accommodate 300 people for these events with ample parking. We also offer the barn for smaller events like birthdays, bridal or baby showers and can host around 50 with tables and chairs in the barn.


We, the Parmenter Family, treasure our time together here on our farm. We are inviting you to experience the same. This is a place where there are few distractions and interruptions from our busy harried lives. Here you can take a deep breath, relax and enjoy being together.